Mr. Rameshbhai† Vora ( c/o Mrs. Galalben ) operated on 1/3/2011

Better vision after operation with satisfaction.


Mr. Alpesh† ( c/o Mrs. Asmitaben ) operated on 2/3/2011

It is good feeling to be operated at pearl eye hospital.† Special thanks to doctor who is very humble. Staff is also very nice & supporting. The operative result is excellent.


Mr. Justin K. Christian operated on 2/4/2011

It is my good experience. It is my pleasure to have such good nature of the doctor and have detailed, peaceful check up. I am very pleased for their treatment before and after operation. I wish them success & bright future to serve people.


Mr. Augustin Christian (c/o Mrs. Urmilaben) operated on 13/4/2011

I came to the hospital for my wife. Before she was afraid of the operation. But because of the carrying nature of the doctor she prepared herself for the operation. She has been operated very nicely. We are fully satisfied with the result. And now she wants to get operated for the other eye very soon.


Mrs. Induben Fancy operated on 22/4/2011

Jay Hind. I have been operated for right eye cataract. The result is excellent and I can see it very clearly. I congratulate the doctor and may god bless him.


Mr. Rameshbhai† Vora ( c/o Mrs. Galalben) operated on 25/4/2011

We are extremely satisfied with the result and the approach of the entire pearl eye hospital staff & doctor towards the patientsí visual result.


Mr. Alpesh ( c/o Mrs. Asmitaben operated on 26/4/2011 )

Well done. Good work. Keep it up. Itís a good feeling. Homely touch

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