Ž It is advisable to make a prior appointment. The motive of appointment is in patient’s interest. In case of emergency or unavoidable circumstances the appointment time is subject to change without prior intimation. If the patient is not available at the time of appointment, the hospital can utilizes the time in the interest of other patients.

Ž Once the OPD (Out Door Patient) procedure is completed and patient has been diagnosed, we counsel the patient about the disease and the treatment.

Ž For Cataract patient the detail information about the time of operation and the artificial Intra Ocular Lenses (IOL) available is given. So the patient can make an easy decision from the plenty of artificial IOLs available at our hospital.

Ž The patients coming from out station for cataract surgery are advised to control their all systemic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, thyroid etc.) from their physician before making an appointment. At our hospital we do routine OPD procedure on first consultation to evaluate the complete eye for the surgery. Then we advise the patient blood and urine investigations, which can be done on the same day. On the next day we start the antibiotic eyedrops  and other  necessary treatment for 2 days before the surgery. If the patient want both eye surgery simultaneously, then next eye surgery can be planned 48 hours after the first eye surgery. The patient has to visit the hospital upto 10 days  after the surgery, on the 10th day we prescribe the glasses if necessary, counsel the patient for remaining treatment and the patient can go home.

Ž Patient coming to the hospital for contact lenses, require separate examination for contact lens trial after routine OPD procedure is completed. It is advisable  to discontinue contact lens 3days prior to the check up.

Ž For glaucoma patient, the patient is advised to come to the hospital with all prior reports available. The glaucoma patient should maintain all the records for further treatment.

Ž Lasik patient is advised to come to the hospital with all previous prescription of glasses. If the patient is wearing contact lens, then kindly discontinue it 3 days prior the check up. The Lasik patient may require further check up at our Lasik center after OPD procedure is completed.

Ž We believe in total eye solution, so with the difficult cases patient compliance is required for long time once the treatment started.

Ž Our staff is very carrying and humble. Kindly co-operate with them. Kindly contact the hospital staff in case of query, they will guide you.

Information for patients