Phacoemulsification is the  world’s most advanced operative method. We have new & latest technology, latest equipments and instruments for the surgery.

Neither injection nor bandage is required with guaranteed result. The patient can start his/her routine life very early as it requires a short recovery period {3-4 days only}.

We use world’s best quality products for preoperative preparation of the surgery, cleaning Operation Theater & pre operative area, during surgery, as well as prescribed medicines for the patient to ensure that

your eyes are safe- before, during and after the surgery.



Cataract Removal With  Phacoemulsification


Indian  Hydrophilic Monofocal IOLs



Foreign  IOLs

Monofocal IOLs

{Hydrophobic, square edge, acrylic, UV absorbing IOLs}

Toric IOL

· This type of IOL needs to be implanted in whom postoperatively higher astigmatism {Cylindrical Numbers} anticipated.

· We have researched the Personalized A constant & Personalized SIA (Surgically Induced Astigmatism) for the surgery with plenty of database.

· Accordingly we plan for the super vision post operatively in selected cases with high astigmatism {Cylindrical- cross numbers).


Multifocal IOL

· Personalized A constant has been calculated by us, so we are able to judge the outcome for the patient post operatively.

· Post operatively with minimum aid of glasses the patient is able to see at distance and near.

· To implant this type of IOL both eyes need to implant the same IOL and the surgery for both eyes has to be planned within the gap of 1 month duration.

· Two different types of Multifocal IOL {Refractive & Diffractive} need to implant in the eyes so as the patient can see at distance, intermediate and near.

· The patient may feel halos {circles} during night driving because of the design of the IOLs.

· This type of IOL is implanted in selected cases only.