202,203, 2nd Floor, Bagmar Plaza,

Jamalpur Cross Road,



Gujarat, INDIA—380 022


Phone # 079 2533 22 88

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About our hospital


After many years of experience, and after giving best results to many human eyes, even with difficult cases, we have began our new hospital since January 2011.

Since January 2011 we have got response more than our expectations at our new clinic. We are happy to serve so many patients. We would like to thank all those patients and visitors for visiting and keeping faith in us. We are eager to serve many patients in future and give best results, as we have done in the past. Our motto says “total eye solution”- we are ready to help the patient with any kind of difficulties in the eyes. We assure that we treat the patient the best thing that can possible for the patient. At our hospital we treat the patient with humanity, we heal the disease and make the life better for the patient.

The motive “Your vision is our Mission” says all.

Our hospital is situated in the heart of the city. The hospital is very near by the State Transport Bus terminus (0.5km) and the railway station (2km).The Ahmedabad airport is 9km away.

We have very good set up and latest instruments for Refraction, Cataract, Glaucoma clinic, Cornea clinic, Contact lens clinic, Oculoplasty,  Low Vision Aids, Retina evaluation-treatment and Lasik.

Shortly we are planning for expansion of the hospital. So, now we have better ambience, more waiting room space to accommodate increasing number of patients, more area for upcoming new equipments.  We work for better and best outcome of the treatment.