̃ It is advisable that everyone should get their eyes checked once a year. So  everyone should spare a day once in 365 days from their busy schedule for their eyes.

̃ At pearl eye hospital after primary check up, each patient gets dilated which takes 90-120 minutes depending on individual. After dilatation the patient has blurring of vision for near and photophobia for 4-5 hours. So, it is advised that the patient must spare a day for eye examination and should not drive after the examination.

̃ At pearl eye hospital we give more time for each patient to diagnose and treat the disease. So we need more time for each patient.

̃ We instill Tropicamide and phenylephrine eyedrops during OPD procedure to dilate the pupil after which patient have blurring of vision for near and photophobia for 4-5 hours. Very few (500:1) patients may have allergic reaction to this drug which may result into swelling of eyelids, redness &   watering for 3-4 days which can be treated by the medicines.

̃ Our hospital serves the society. So, if the patient is not affording to our routine treatment, we try to manage through our allied ASTHA-BASU CHARITABLE TRUST. The trust has its own rules, regulations and limitations. The trust has limited budget so we are able to serve limited patients only.

Information for patients